Karmukil varnante - Nandanam

Singer: Chithra K S
Music Director: Raveendran
Lyrics: Girish Puthenchery
Director: Ranjith

Kaarmukil varnante chundil
cherum odakuzhalinte ullil
veenurangunnoru sree raagame
ninnil pulkiyunarthaan
marannu kannan (kaarmukil)

njanen mizhi naalamanayaatherichum
neerum nejakam akilaay pukachum (njanen)
vaadum karalthadam kanneeraal nanachum
ninne thedi nadannu thalarnnu krishna
neeyen nombaram ariyumo shyaama varna (kaarmukil)

ninte nandana vrindaavanathil
pookkum paarijaathathinte kombil (ninte)
varum janmathilenkilum shourye
oru poovaay viriyaan kazhinjuvenkil
ninte kaalkkal veenadiyuvaan kazhinjuvenkil



shalini said...
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shalini said...

Dear Girish Puthenchery Sir, really this song is so beautiful with such a strong feeling of a divine love so wonderfully expresse. Each word and each sentence IS WOWWWWWWWW. Really Hatts off to ur lyrics and the song has been beautifully sung and directed. Great and Thank U and ur team who gifted this song.

jmja said...

Beautiful and poignant song - just heard about this song and the movie's special meaning for Chitra who lost her daughter, Nandana recently; she was named after this movie. I don't know Malayalam but the pathos and poignancy she conveys is indescribable. I cannot convey how deeply I am saddened by her loss. It must sear her heart.

Amritha Kutty said...

so nice song hatts off to all who gifted this song for us

sruthy baburaj said...

it was a very beautiful song

sruthy baburaj said...

Really Hatts off to your lyrics

SHANU said...

Wat a amazing feeling this song gives..tears comes automatically .love this song and singer

SHANU said...

Wat a amazing feeling this song gives..tears comes automatically .love this song and singer

jhonathan said...

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